Title: Request for Improvement on NFT Asset Review Pending Issue and Application Problem

[ this asset has been used once in a previously released experience]

I have encountered the following issues while preparing the **Cyber Circlet -

Dragon’s Lava Lair** experience in The Sandbox.

Issue 1: NFT Asset Application Problem

I understand that to launch an NFT in multiple experiences, I need to purchase the NFT in the required quantities. For example, if I want to use the Goblins - Miner NFT in two different experiences, I need to purchase two Goblins - Miner NFTs.

However, even after purchasing the additional NFT, the asset review status remains “Pending,” and the NFT is not being applied to the experience.

Issue 2: Asset Review Pending Status

The additional NFT purchased does not reflect in the asset review and remains in the “Pending” state, causing delays in the final launch.

Current Situation

  • Experience Page: Published
  • Map Location: Ready
  • Asset Review: Pending
  • Required NFT: 1 to buy, 85 ready
  • Total NFTs: 152 (85 ready, 1 available, 66 to buy)


  1. Improve Asset Review Process: Please enhance the system so that newly purchased NFTs are quickly reflected in the asset review.
  2. Resolve Asset Application Issue: Ensure that the newly purchased NFTs are properly applied to multiple experiences as required.

Additional Information

You can check the attached screenshots for the current issue.

  • First Screenshot: Experience setup page (Asset review pending status)
  • Second Screenshot: Asset review page (Additional NFT required)
  • Third Screenshot: Purchased NFTs list

[ this asset has been used once in a previously released experience]

I would appreciate a quick resolution to these issues, and please let me know if you need any further information.

Thank you.


Yes. :pray:
Am so glad that the pros are also feeling it.
it seems that for our case the NFT in backup copies in draft workspaces are also counted. didn’t realize that even map published experiences counting is challanged.


Same here, experiencing the same issue. I can also confirm that I’ve bought more in terms of supply than needed and still have similar issue


lol. this is kind off getting out of hand hahaha
Don’t understand why the same account cannot reuse the another copy of same asset twice(or as many copies in wallet) on different experiences. even if we have more than one copy of the asset.

This must be a bug.
why buy/create more of the same asset if we can only use it once per account.