Building_construction Builders’ Challenge N°2 - Launch and Update

:rocket: On your mark! Get ready! Set! GOOOOOO! :running_man:

:fire:Builders’ Challenge N°2 is now live :fire:

:mega: A couple of news and updates about the event:

  • The number of assets required to activate the Branded Asset Engagement Boost has been reduced from 3 to 2.
  • We have been made aware by the community of a bug preventing the launch of experiences. You might be prompt to purchase some NFT assets in your experience that are already in your wallet. Our team is working on solving this issue, we are very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Note that you you can still publish your experience by taking out the assets from you exp and get the branded asset booster later. When the issue is solved, you can add the assets again and get the branded asset boost then. We will count your engagement score as if it had the branded assets booster right from the beginning.

We can’t wait to see what the community will create! We’re so glad to so already 50+ new experiences on the map :world_map:


Sorry I missed the terms and would love quick tldr on publishing.
May we publish and then update experience and republish without concern of breaching contest terms?

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hey hey g

maybe peajay can answer officially.
but just sharing that for our experience we are building and updating and republishing many times a day.
if the player have a stable experience that they can play that should be ok.

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Yes, normally there’s no problem, you can do it, the stats are on your global experience, not on its version.


thanks LLO!!!
gonna publish somethin then

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Great to hear! Thanks so much for reassurance.


Hello @G_is_us,

As @AlcyStudio said, it’s not an issue, it doesn’t breach any of the events terms. Your experience’s engagement score is linked to your experience not your land, you won’t loos your data.


Love it.
Thanks PJ
Feel nice and reassured now.
Really looking forward to making it a building in public ‘journey’.


My pleasure! Looking forward to checking out your experience :smiley:

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