Experience publishing NFT asset checking (with multiple copies of assets and experiences)

As a creator in The Sandbox, when launching an experience doing asset checking with several different experiences and many different assets (and multiple copies of each asset for use in multiple maps)… it is currently too difficult to find out which assets are used in which experience (or the number of copies of the assets remaining which are unused.)

It seems that currently the asset count also includes not just launched experiences but also any non launched experiences in your workspace (including any backup copies you created)

It is difficult to identify where the asset is used in which experience and the only way to relaunch the experience is to trawl thur each experience (and their backups) to locate the asset in question.

In the case of backups its not logical to delete the asset from the backup copy of the game, and to have multiple copies of legendary assets like bosses or special gear… becomes a very expensive if not impossible affair (with the current state of cats scarcity)

Do not have a good solution to solve such challenge. either

  1. not count non-launched workspace experiences . (which is probably not good)
  2. allow the ability to mark certain experiences as not included in the asset count (for test maps and backup maps)
  3. have a page with a list of assets currently in use in experiences and which experience they are in (an even open the experience in the builder and focus on the asset.)

all of the above increase the complexity of implementation/workflow and also the complexity for the builder. (somebody who is smarter should look at this)

If this request is met, it would improve my experience because it would make locating the needed assets needed for launching an experience faster etc.