Enterprise level sub accounts with different permision levels on editing. uploading, buying assets, moving/selling assets etc

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult to get additional help to build on experiences for live maps. With enterprise level sub accounts with ability to assign individual permissions for
-playtesting / editing experiences,
-sending / uploading vox files,
-listing / buying assets,
-moving or sending assets
-moving or sending experiences
-moving or sending wallet nfts
-moving or staking funds
(somebody with more experience in enterprise level account management should think these thu for security considerations)

For voxedit files we can share the vox files and the main/personal account can upload the files to the website.
For game logics and editing, the main/personal accounts password needs to be shared to allow the developer to work on the experiences. This is a security concern for the main/personal account. (there are work arounds like sending the experience to others to work on it but the assets need to follow. Setting up a separate project/commercial account is also possible but that also has the challenges that the project/commercial account still has access to other functions)

If this request is met, it would improve my experience because with the creation of sub accounts with different levels of permissions we no longer need to create entire new KYC accounts to work with more teams/arise/developers. just securely create sub accounts with only the needed permissions which is linked with the main kyced account.
Giving the needed access to artist and ability to engage developers without handing over the responsibilities of the finances or the assets/lands.


Yeah… if I remember correctly, they discussed a workspace feature with members and permission settings during an AMA.
There used to be a button on the workspace page, but I can’t see it now. I’m not sure if it’s still in development or if it’s been abandoned.

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