On Brand asset and UGC Game Creation for builder's challenge

Hey guys on builders challenge AMA the team said they want more Brand IP NFT used in our experiences. Does that mean we are free to use Snoop NFT and our own custom assets to build out full Snoop themed experiences and get money from Builder’s Challenge? Are the IP owner’s ok with this?

If yes I’m thrilled and be willing to buy some assets but if TSB just want us to put them into our exp with no context, that is hard to work in terms of art direction and game design.

Let me know if you guys have some answers for this.


hey hey green, welcome.
not sure (somebody in sandbox legal probably needs to take a proper look). but its seems more like they are trying to generate utility for ip’s assets. see it as two fold.

If UGC is using these assets (somebody is buying them) it give incentives for more cooperates to join the sandbox.

On the other hand if UGC can “tap” on the fanbase of ip’s to play our experiences by gating using these ip’s nfts or attracting the fanbase to play the experience because we have the ip assets (not sure how effective that would be) like… maybe building out a carebares themed experience with carebare assets,

probably the most practical approach is to buy simple odds and ends assets from the ip like objects etc. and scatter thru the experience like easter eggs or put in a secret museum room the fans have to find and take screen shots and repost with tags…


Yes i think that is the way they want us to use brand assets. But I think for open metaverse and vibrant fan community to grow in TSB ecosystem we need more transparent rules on this and perhaps more openess to collab btw brands and us creators. Asset sale does not necessarily makes brands that much money. Rather it would be nice for them if we create exp so they can have organic contents grow in the ecosystem

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