Rules "Send Message" with sending to tag

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult in 10.9 Game maker for the rules system to send a calculated/processed result to the game environment in an efficient manner.

Currently the only way is to “Hard wire” a certain result message to send another message with arguments (which is already awesome) to all objects in the game environment.

It would be much better to have the send message rule able to send to a specific tag set in the game environment. It would be even better if variables or arguments can be used to define the tag set to be sent to.

If this request is met, it would improve my experience because “reusable” rule groups can now be efficiently created as the where the output msg can be sent to specific parts of the game environment via tags and need not be “hardwired” with a different msg for each possible result.


I reuse a lot of rules, but with a workaround, I enable the behavior of the asset when it is necessary for them to receive Rules messages.

I mean, if you have a multi levels game, only enable behavior of level 1 to be able to receive/send msg to Rules, then disable them on level 2, and enable level 2 behaviors, etc, etc.



Thats so cool thanks for sharing. this gives me the idea to have like several different relay broadcasters in the game environment that we can toggle with rule msg.

Was imaging like for example one shop purchase money function that would spawn items which is used by all shops.
The shop msg could include which shop it was, the price, the asset to buy as a arguments and that arguments set to variable could then allow routing the msg back to the shop to spawn a specific item. so we didnt need to specifically hardcode shop functions for each shop and specific msg for each item spawned.

or a shooting function that encodes a weapon ID tag on pick of the weapon that ties in to the mouse / keypress that would effectively allow resend of the captured mouse/keypress to the specific weapon (making it easy to code each players shooting to each weapon) which right now would need make each weapon uniquely as a individual preset and each mouse click hardcoded specific to each weapon.

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Hey @LittleLegionOrg You will be glad to hear that this is already being worked on.

thanks. really awesome to know. XD

cough cough. any beans on what behaviour/components can use arguments from rules? … broadcast or speaker or spawner or animated decoration or toggle

would we finally be able to display a value from a text variable in rules? (so npc can have speaker bubbles witch reflect a specific player name in a MP experience)