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In GM 0.10.6, Multiplayer Games, we have that Rules sends messages and communicates with SP Logical Elements?
I did some tests and I only managed to have Rules send messages to MP, but not to SP.

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Video Gameplay:


I’m wondering if it isn’t working for you due to a bug with VFX. It should work.

I successfully triggered SP and MP speaker component text with keypress rules just now, so it’s not a universal blocker.

Tested again to rule out the new Send Message rule. It worked fine, too.

Tested again to trigger a message from a SP message broadcaster to a Send Message rule to a SP and MP VFX and it worked! Not sure why this is different from your result given the same setup.


Oh, Its not related to VFX, others Logic Elements as well.

I can bring other examples for multiplayer game:

I want to create a simple SHOP so that players can spawn (only if the value is greater than 10) an asset based on their local variable and that the asset appears only for them.

The logic below works in Single Player Game, but not in Multiplayer Game. I’m wondering what I need to fix to make it work when switching to multiplayer.


Gameplay (Single Player and Multiplayer)


I might be wrong but this was the case even before 0.10. Local Variables doesn’t seem to interact with SP Behaviours/components but even with using MP B/C the local variables still works as it should and only affects the data of the player who is triggering the message. I haven’t explored 0.10 as much but I’m wondering if this is the issue you’re having.


Yes, it’s something along those lines, VieVoxx.
For Multplayer Games, it seems Local Variables can receive messages from SP B/C, but don’t send messages to SP B/C.