HELP - [MP] and [SP] with Rules

:desktop_computer: Game Maker version: 0.10.9
:grey_question: Item: [MP] and [SP] with Rules
:speech_balloon: Request Type: [Logic Developers Support]

My biggest difficulty in multiplayer games is understanding how to communicate the local variables to only work for the player who meets the conditions.
In this example, I want the plant to be destroyed only if the player interacting with it has 2 points. And that it is deleted only for them.
It doesn’t work. It seems that Rules does not communicate with (SP)Toggle.

Very well, let’s do it with MP now.
And besides that, I already expect my mechanic not to work, because I wanted the plant to be deleted only for P1, which I already know won’t happen, given the Example (1) attached.

However, even though the toggle MP works, I find that Player 2 with 0 points now has the ability to activate the lever just like Player 1.
Because it was Player 1 who “Turn on” the lever.

But that’s not what I want.
I want the Toggle to work individually just for the player who meets the conditions.
Does anyone know about this?

**Example (1) Attached**

About MP and SP with using Component Plant.
In my investigations,
Only 1 and 2 work, because in 3 and 4, there are different networks and they do not communicate. In 1, we have that the SP plant works and the tree disappears only for the one who triggered it. In 2, we have that MP shows the tree disappearing for both players.