Display rules variable values as in game evironmnet

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult to display variable values from the rules system in the game environment.

It would be much easier if the value of a test or number variable can be displayed in indicators lablels, text boxes, speaker popups, askers dialog boxes by using the name of the variable in <> brakets. Similar to how can be used to display the players name.

If this request is met, it would improve my experience because you could make dynamic text and numbers using the logic components to easily display calculated variable values, text values and other useful information from rules variables.

Without needing to have a complex logic wiring to a number / text asset just to display and update a value as is its calculated/updated…


yes, making it dynamic so you can call any variable inside the game will be Valuable


It’s one of those ideas that seems small but could make a big difference. Imagine how much cooler and more dynamic games could be if creators could easily throw in real-time stats or quest info around the map.