Pickable Turrets

Hi everybody. Asking because have run out of ideas.
Is there a simple method to build a “turret” on a pickable that targets and shoots at hostile tags.

It seems that the speaker tracking for tags when the asset is a child of the pickable is not tracking well. it seemed tracking the hostile tag is … offset to “north” with respect to the avatar.
This has not be changed for more than 3 releases of GM, so it must now be a feature and not a bug.

Is there a work around to this. or some approach to make a turret that can track “hostile” tags.
Any ideas will be much appreciated. thank you.


I guess how they coded the parent is by adding or inherit the parent’s transform. It is fine, but when we use Pickable, the child’s angle gets messed up as it adds yet another layer of rotation when we use a Speaker rotation.

I think you should raise a ticket in Jira for this as it’s not quite intended in this scenario. Maybe to let the child not inherit transform from its parent when the parent has a Pickable component, again this is just a guess on how they coded it.

After trying a few ways, the closest solution I can get is probably to only fire the projectile after a short rotation delay, so it won’t affected by the parent rotation. We could cover it up with a magical theme, where it needs to get charged before the shoot, that could be cool too.

BTW If we still have the old speaker component that lets us adjust the rotation speed, we don’t need the delay at all.


Thank you for taking the time to test and solution. much appreciated XD . will try that.

Would really be better if a “turret” turns and fires at its target.
but we could make it like a grenade or missile that fires upwards also.

how do you raise a jira ticket? Not able to access discord.
Would the bug report from game maker work as well? so far believe that have submitted this before but it has not been fix probably because its not widely used in this implementation.

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Yeah we have to live with what we’ve got for now, need to adjust the gameplay due to some limitations.

I’m not sure if links are allowed here, but Jira covers all The Sandbox issue overall. You can definitely try to explain the issue better, get reply, track and follow
the status after you submit it. They probably prioritize it based on how urgent it is.

Support Portal - Jira Service Management (atlassian.net)


Hey LittleLegion!

@Meowl already linked the jira support, but I wanted to make you aware that this link is also available in About :building_construction: Builder Help & Discussion in case the need arises again :slight_smile:


@VeePyre @Meowl
I’ve never used the Jira portal. How does it work? Can everyone use it?

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The link is available publicly on Gitbook and here. It is also given to Trusted Partners.

You may use our Jira support if you have tech issues you cannot seem to solve otherwise :slight_smile: