Switch Component Applications for Mechanisms

:mortar_board: Switch Component Applications for Mechanics

In this post, I will develop and introduce various initial applications of this important logic element, called the Switch Component, which is widely used to simplify the activation of levers, buttons, and other mechanics commonly used in games.

Switch Component Official Documentation

Be sure to also suggest your ideas in the comments here, and I will create the practical lesson you desire.

:mortar_board: TUTORIAL
( 1 ) Application in torches: Turning torches on and off with light and fire effect.

Assets :point_down:
Torch (Extinguished Torch A)
Lever (Ancient Lever)
1 Numpad (DevA - Numpad 0 White)
1 Numpad (DevA - Numpad 0 Blue)

Assembly :point_down:

Logic Flow :point_down:

Preset Configurarion :point_down:
This logic is scalable and the torches can be distributed throughout the map using presets.