Learn Quick | Projectiles & Key Bindings in V0.10 (Beginner friendly)

Learn Quick TUTORIAL by GIKIS :rewind:

Hi! After watching and following through this video you won’t be the same developer.
It’s suitable for new creators and more seasoned ones.

This tutorial consists of 2 parts.

In the first part you’ll learn to quickly use and adapt projectiles with mouse and keyboard buttons.
In the second part I’ll teach you to use energy or ‘mana’ limiter on your shots, that recharges overtime, plus additional perks like NPCs dropping collisional bones that can be consumed for health.

Part 1:

Part 2 (Very important! Learn how to add restrictions like bullets/mana/energy to your projectiles! Super handy in Multi Player experiences)


Amazing tutorial. Thanks GIkis!
Also later, teach how make the Visual Effects like the fire you show, thank you!


Great, Simple, As usual :slight_smile: :rocket:

When :pray:


Thank you, Dankoyy! You’re an inspiration to the creators’ community. I admire your persistence and hard work in trying to understand every fundamental detail of Game Maker.


Hey, guys, a new Part is out, for full understanding of projectiles and its possible use cases start from Part 1 and then jump to Part 2.

19 minutes in total that will change your understanding of game maker forever.


Oh Gikis!

I really say the same! You are my inspiration, thank you for everything you do for the community!

I learn a lot from your videos. All educational videos on GM have something to teach, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

It’s like they say: “TSB Game Maker is without programming, but refined enough to enable many possible mechanics.”