How to Create an Exploding Bomb (0.10.6)

Bomb Logic For Beginners
One Asset, 5 Logic Elements!

In this tutorial, we will explore how to create a bomb mechanic using TSB Game Maker.

The bomb is designed as a stationary object that players can activate by clicking on it. Once activated, the bomb will visually display a lit fuse that gradually shortens, simulating the countdown to the explosion and triggering the explosion effect once the fuse reaches its end, dealing damage around.

This tutorial is ideal for game devs who wish to learn, implement simple, interactive Assets in their games.

Video Gameplay


1/3 Add as wishlist this asset below !

2/3 Select this asset from the library and add the following Logic Elements (LE) and parameters!

3/3 Modify the damage implication parameters using Comp. Health as you prefer.

Have fun!