Selecting related/parented/child assets and auto scroll to location in hierarchy

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult to locate an asset and its related assets in the hierarchy from the game environment.
It would be great if there was a “tick box” option which allow selecting the asset in the game environment to also scroll the hierarchy tree to the selected asset and easily allow us to select its child parented assets.

If this request is met, it would improve my experience because we would not need to distinctly remember which folder or sub folder an asset and its children resides in the hierarchy.
Or if the folder contains alot of similar assets, still need to scroll the hierarchy to locate the asset/child/parent in the hierarchy



The new hierarchy 0.10 has already improved a lot with the filter, sort, and group features etc. But this is the one small thing to make the hierarchy perfect.

When working on larger projects with many instances, it can be annoying to scroll and scroll to find the objects we are selecting. I wish we could just hover over the hierarchy and press F to have it scroll to where the object is.

I’m not sure what the condition for the default sort by Custom Order .

My suggestion is to add an sort option or make the default one to at least sort based on what we are selecting or the last selected object. This way, the most recently selected object will always be on top when we open the hierarchy.