🚀 Builders' Launchpad - Unleashing Hidden Games

Step into the world of endless possibilities with Builders’ Launchpad, a unique program tailored to assist UGC builders in fast-tracking their games into The Sandbox Map!

Whether you’re an advanced creator or just starting out, our goal is to provide you with the tools and support needed to showcase your creativity to everyone.

How we help:

:world_map: 1x1 LAND OFFERED (or SAND if you already have a land)

:handshake: 1:1 TSB EXPERT FOLLOW-UP to help you with playtesting and game design feedbacks

:crossed_swords: SET OF CATALYSTS OFFERED from 100 common to 1 legendary

:star: EXPERIENCE FEATURING for 1 month on The Sandbox main page

Apply to the form and don’t miss this chance to turn your ideas into reality.
If your game has the potential to be developed and supported, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Join the Builders’ Launchpad!


This looks like a mini or streamlined version of the GMF–interesting. I have a couple questions:
-Does this have to be a new (unpublished) experience, or can it be one that is published but in need of attention?
-Is there a limit to the number of entries a creator/studio can submit?
–Follow-up question to the above: My long-term concept is for three experiences as part of my estate. Would that be one entry or three?

Thanks for continuing to search for innovative ways to foster creation.


Really excited for this, will definitely submit main experience when its ready enuff for a play test.

And deep apologies for commenting your profile picture was so Chad it looked AI gen when your emails were going out first time. (me and the guys were having a ball and asking each other if the emails were legit)


Agree. This looked like mini version of GMF but much more friendlier for beginner and/or small studios.

I hope this would encourage more builders. I’ve seen lots with so much potential but are just discouraged because of competition.

PS: I think the term I’m looking for is more “accessible.”


Hello @Sapperlight :grinning:
It could be a game that isn’t new, but needs a few reworks to attract as many players as possible and fit to this program; you can submit as many games as you want no problem.
Each game requires a new entry with its own gameplay.

Have a nice day,


Just wanted to ask a few things as I am planning to join the Builders Launch Pad

About the registration form, if I would like to join all 5 launch pad, does that mean that I also need to send 5 forms separately per genre?

Also, is the prize strictly a 1:1 ratio? or there is a chance that once I participated on all of the launchpad, i also get the reward for each one of them or is there a limit per account? Thankss a lot!


@CerTaj026 welcome. btw. :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:

Hi @CerTaj026,

You can apply as many games as you like, 1 game = 1 registration, but not all of them are guaranteed to be validated.
Concerning the rewards, it works per game, each rework deserves its reward.

Have a good day,