Buffs and Debuff max limits and Effects on NPCs/mobs

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult to provide temporary variations to the gameplay experience for the player and NPC’s interms of speed, power, jump-height max health; debuffs like slow, freeze, reduced max health and damage dealing etc which are greater or lesser than 10% to 30% of their base stats / equipment.

Ability for players / NPCs to have greater buff increase to stats (over 200%) with various items/skills etc are standard features in platform games like mario, racing games like mario kart, moba games like lol, traps/speed boost in fortnight, potions/skills/critical hits in openworlds like skyrim. eldenring. assains creed.

ability enemies skills that debuff the player stats or other NPC’s (over 200% or reducing to close to zero) are also quite common.
WOW poison, ragnarok coma/frozen/stun status effects

If this request is met, it would improve my experiences because
Racing games can implement Nitro effects and glue traps
Freeze spells/effects that slow player or NPCs to a stop can be implemented.
Temporary vulnerability that reduce damage resistance to 0 or negative can be implemented for NPCs/mobs and on players
temporary air dash can be implemented
temporary increase jump height like a spring boost that bounces the player into the air can be implemented.
more levels of potions / scrolls / skills can be implemented with greater impact to player game player.

Players can cast buff / debuffs onto other players, NPC characters or other mobs creating interesting co-op experiences or PVE situations gameplays.

Please do kindly consider

  1. increasing the limits of the powerup component (to ±200% or ±300%).
  2. allowing the stats to affect NPCs/mobs (visual vfx as well as stats)

Thank you for taking the time to read.