Locking Player Position

As a creator in The Sandbox, controlling player positions in the game is currently quite challenging. We’ve observed an increasing number of creators striving for more creative visuals, such as locking the camera to create unique perspective gameplays, menus, cutscenes, etc. Seen a lot of them especially in game jam. Undoubtedly, this is one of the highly demanded features.

Now creators must rely on a precise custom avatar box to trap players from moving. However, as seen in the latest update, this method fails when there are small changes in-game physics or collision.

If this request is met, it would greatly improve many experiences because it would provide greater control flexibility over player interactions and unlock a whole new category of gameplay mechanics. It would also significantly enhance creative possibilities and allow for the design of richer and more compelling experiences.

A few ideas I imagine the Lock Player Position feature can be introduced:

  1. Come together with a new camera switch feature.
  2. Come together with a new controller movement feature.
  3. Add a ‘freeze player position after teleportation’ toggle at current Avatar Teleportation component, release player after receiving a message or after a duration like a buff.

Glad this is on here. This was the first thing I was going to write. However, the title maybe a little misleading. The request here is the capability of camera control and its settings. Think the Lights Spot Logic but for Camera.

  • Ability to place specific cameras and switch to those views via message prompts.
  • Ability to manipulate the active player camera by updating its settings via Messaging.

Having these features will vastly improve the story telling capabilities within Sandbox.


I agree.
I would say that locking the position could just be a quick and dirty fix until we have a proper camera control. Not sure how the TSB Team is planning to develop the camera logic, a lightspot-like logic could be convenient. I think it could be a separate discussion thread.