@USER to indicate TSB usernames

Currently, The Sandbox website is using @ tags to identify its users, like @username. This brings a lot of confusion when tagging on Twitter. Here is an example of Ferdinand using the @ tag, when in fact, he is tagging on Twitter. This will cause many problems within the community when we want to share user profiles. Therefore, it could have been approached using ENS methodologies like .eth .moca, for example, using user.tsb, or introducing an MocaID, or any other solution.

Here a example of user page - @SEB :point_down:


Currently, user pages are active, even though The Sandbox has not made this clear to the community yet. So, I believe now is an important time to address this situation because it is crucial not only to clarify the user’s identity but also to continue seeking Web3 methods associated with the entire ecosystem.

Here a example about the confusion create when using @ :point_down:

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A username.sandbox or username.tsb would be pretty cool :eyes:


100% think this is crucial for creators in TSB !!

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