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Hello all!

I am trying to use the Slide Component but itโ€™s not be smooth when sliding (jitter when pressing Left and Right while sliding over multiple slide assets in a row) and any drop angle I set the slide to (8 Degrees, 15 Degrees, 50 Degrees) results in the avatar trying to walk on the slide or the running sfx playing.
What size asset makes a good slide piece? (We have tried 3 and 5 blocks length and boh have the same jitter problem)

Any suggestions on slide building, link to a video or tutorial would be grand.

Thank you,


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hi there. Welcome
not very clear on where the jitter ocurs maybe a shot video clip of what your building?
Does it happen in map or the โ€œtab-inโ€ on game-maker or draft gallery?

usually if the slide as has a large surface(like a carpet) and the surface of the various assets are flush (completely) it is usually ok.

Hello thank you for your reply.

I have attached a video of the slide.

The slide section in the video is tilted at 45.42 degrees and all sections are flush together.

I have another slide in the experience that is tilted at 15 degrees and I still have jitter issues.

I am testing in Gamemaker in edit mode.

Thank you,

Nathan Jija

Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (9)

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Hey @RealityPlusStudio

Try using larger and flat assets. A good example is the basic asset called โ€œNFT frame 256x128โ€


Let me know if you encountered the same problems with it.