Resource Management Template Studies

:warning: Tutorial, still in progress.

:mortar_board: :mortar_board: Introduction: Resource Management Template

I started my studies of the Resource Management Template to understand its complete functioning and techniques used. I will progressively update this post this week with the study of the core mechanics, delving deeper into the understanding of the Template.

How Acess the Resource Management Template?

What should you know previously about GM?

You only need to know how to use the Game Maker Interface. I believe that with Pandapops’ video on basic Game Maker, you will have all the necessary information to reproduce this Framework. If you have difficulty doing it, please leave comments here and I will make sure to adapt and improve the Tutorial.

GM Terms Definitions

In The Sandbox Game Maker, β€œLogic” refers to the fundamental programming units that do not use traditional coding. These are implemented through β€œBehaviors” and β€œComponents,” B/C, Messages, and Tags, which are predefined building blocks that define how objects in the game behave and interact.


Rules represent the second layer of programming which utilizes an interactive UI, similar to Unity’s Visual Scripting. Rules are designed to accommodate more complex logic designs that involve, Rule Sets, as mathematics, HUD control, comparisons between variables, and other advanced functionalities.

What kind of gameplay does this template offer?

(To do)

Template's Assets avaiable to use?

(To do)

How can this template be easily adapted?

(To do)

:mortar_board: :mortar_board:GM Logic & Rules
:mortar_board: 1. Rules

1.1. HUD

1.2. Hours to Days

1.3. Days Counting

1.4. Night/Day Time

1.5. Randomization of enemy spawns.

1.6. Checking Base Health - Game Over Condition

1.7. Key Inputs

1.8. Mathematical operations of the resources

1.9. Sales conditions for the resources

1.10. Set resources values

1.11. Check Resources Values

1.12. Successful purchase

1.13. Unsuccessful / Failed purchase

1.14. Unsuccessful / Failed Banner

:mortar_board: 2. Logics

2.1a. Base Assets

2.1b. Base Assets

2.2. TP Start and Trigger Game Menu

2.3. Arms Dealer

2.4. Marketplace Merchant

2.5. Askers

2.6. Detectors A

2.7. Detectors B

2.8. Presets
2.8.1. How change the Assets Preset

(To do)

2.8.2. List of Presets

(To Do)


Would you mind to include how to change the artwork after dropping the box not using the default artwork when game plays?


Sure @chongyukwai. Thank you for the suggestion, it’s noted as 2.8.1 and I’ll let you know here as soon as I do it. It’s a simple procedure and I can help you with how to do it and answer your questions. :point_down:

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Nice Brother , You are Helping Lot of Creators and Builders In TSB. :muscle: :heart_hands: