Ensuring Continuous Availability of Required Game Maker Versions for Game Jams

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult to retrieve previous Game Maker revisions necessary for ongoing Game Jams, especially when the Game Maker is constantly updating, sometimes even during a game jam.

Although the Game Maker version is mentioned in the rules and communications, creators sometimes accidentally update their Game Maker version midway. This often happens when updating for testing, playing or when they want to start working on the game jam without realizing they have the wrong {Latest} version.

If this request is met, it would improve my experience by ensuring the required Game Maker version for an ongoing Game Jam is available throughout the building period. This would enhance the overall creator experience and prevent accidental updates from disqualifying creators or causing them to lose their progress and therefore not being able to continue participating in the ongoing Game Jam.

Currently, simply telling creators that the information was communicated or advising them to check their recycling bin for previous versions is not helpful and hinders their progress.