Choosing a Custom Team

We already Have a Spawn Point Behaviour , Actually it Spawns the Player in Random Spawn Point. I have Tested by Keeping three Spawn Points. But If there is an Option to Choose Self by the Player he can Join to his Favourite Team.


Love where you are going with this idea but just wanted to point out that they require the feature requests to follow a specific layout. You can read about it in: ❗ How to post a Feature Request :blue_heart:


Hello @Anandjoice. :wave:

Thank you for taking the time to request a useful feature!

As Kristen also states, we would like to see that you use the feature request template that we provide for you.

This is to help ensure that requests are made in such a way that the reasoning and purpose is clear and consistent and contains all details for us to process it.


Hello There, I just Want to Give A proper Example to have a Proper Idea.

Example : Well i would like to Design a Car Racing Game with Team Members , Suppose if I have Joined Team Named as Team Red , in the Same Instance , if My friend also joined the xp and Want’s to Join My Team , it will be Awesome where We Both in a Team, so we can Defend the Opponent.

At Present there is a “Spawn Point” Behaviour , which Randomly choose the team , Here my Friend Will be in opponent Team , So we Feel and Get Nervous.

I think this Feature will be More Useful to Players who Wants to Select / choose their Favourite Team.

Thanks & Regards.


Hello There , Thanks for the Response.

Should i Request This Feature Again Followed by the Template?? Or Else Skip For now??.

Thanks & Regards.


No need, you can simply edit the post while following the pre-made template in :exclamation:How to Post a Feature Request. :muscle::blush:

Regarding your reply to Kristen above stating that the feature is more aimed at players:

I disagree! :smiley: It’s :100:% for both.

As creators, part of the job is to implement features that will make the experience more enjoyable for players. This has to be done from the backend (Game Maker), so the request is definitely in the right place and very relevant, thank you :pray:


Yes ,Correct :grin: it will be Useful for For Both Creators and Players .

I hope this Feature will be Ready as soon as possible, so that I can implement in my Xp :smiley::wink:.

Thanks :+1:


In the last AMA, we received some important information on this matter.

According to the B/C Product Owner, Alma, a more suitable matchmaking method will be implemented in the future to address the limitations of the existing Spawn Point, suggesting that perhaps a B/C of its own, possibly associated with Rules, may be needed.

I believe that there is indeed a significant demand and a more easy, comprehensive and broadly method is comming soon. :pray: