Suggestion for the model merging function for VE

Is it possible to have a function of merging multiple nodes (multiple VXM models) into one? There are lots of chances that we combine several nodes to form a certain structure while those nodes never move. For example, we might use several nodes of cross-shape VXM modes to make the structure of a cylinder. And these crosses never change their relative positions. However, this cylinder uses resources that include all the faces of the crosses and all the nodes of the crosses. If there is a mechanism that we could combine all those nodes, which means instead of having multiple nodes of cross, we only have one node for the entire cylinder, and those blocks/faces that are overlapped would also be merged and hence considered as one, it will save lots of face count and node count. I believe other 3D tools do have this function. I wish we could have this function in VE so we, artists & creators, would have more freedom on asset/experience design.


I like this suggestion! :star_struck: Having a merge function in VoxEdit would be great for optimizing voxel models.
For complex objects like spacecraft or assets that require round edges, merging nodes would give creators more freedom and efficiency in their designs.

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