Stats for Builders Challenge #2

Hello all, we’ve been advised to express this concern/question here, and apologies if it was posted under the wrong tab:

On Builders Challenge #2, builders know that the metrics to be placed in the leaderboards will be counted the same as BC #1.

We have continuous stats on our game from even Pre-Builders Challenge, which got us into a 29 minutes average play time from 3.2k plays.

Now for BC #2, we have revamped our gameplay, which has a new average of 1h-2h of play session. Even we are getting now more play time, since it’s all based on average, it’s hasn’t reflected much on the overall stats

So, the question is: Do the BC #2 stats only count towards from 24th June, or will the previous average affect our current stats?
Because if that’s the case, we’re being penalized for making a more complete experience, which reflects in more play time, but not in the stats due to the continuous average of all time plays.

Conclusion, it would be unfair to be penalized to have more hours of game play, which results in less plays per day, because the stats that are being counted are from previous versions of our game.


  • 200 Plays with 29 minutes average (all time average) = 96 hours of total play time.
  • 200 Plays with 70 minutes average (BC #2 average) = 233 hours of total play time.

Would love to hear what’s the official metrics for BC #2 and what could we be expecting from our currents stats.


I’m interested too! Hoping the stats starts on 24th!