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Share your ideas for improving the user Experience in The Sandbox forum and let us know what you like about it.

Please do not post non-forum-related feature requests in this category. See :ballot_box_with_check: Feature Requests.

How should I write my feature request?

Before posting, use the :mag_right:search in the top-right to make sure the topic you want to post has not been created already.

Please make sure that your feature request follows the templatized guidelines below!

  • You must make your motivation for requesting the feature clear, starting with this sentence:

As a creator in The Sandbox, it is currently too difficult to …

  • Next, please consider how the feature you are requesting will improve your experience as a creator, whether you’re a builder or artist, in The Sandbox if your request is met. Complete the sentence below as specifically as you can:

If this request is met, it would improve my experience because …

Please make sure that you have added relevant use cases for the feature rather than requesting it simply because you feel that you need it.

We encourage you to add any additional details you may have after this.

Focus on problems, not solutions

We care about what you are requesting, why you are requesting it, and what purpose(s) the feature will serve.

Our team will need as much information as possible from you to consider potential solutions.

If you want to, you can add your proposed solution as a note in your feature request, of course, as long as you have first followed the guidelines above.