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TSB Game Jam - Fire & Ice!

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We are very excited to announce the very first TSB Game Jam with $2400 in prizes!

What you need to know..

Important Dates

  • October 7th - Announce launch of Game Jam!
  • October 7th  - “Find-a-team” channel launches in our Discord! Channel: tsb-game-jams
  • October 10th - Join our LiveStream to learn how to use the Game Maker, gain ideas, and more!
  • October 12th - Game jam submissions OPEN
  • October 14th - Join our Second LiveStream to learn how to use the Game Maker, gain ideas, and more!
  • October 18th - Game jam submissions CLOSE
  • October 19th - Judging begins
  • October 19th/23rd - Winners announced along the week!


Game Jam Overview

The game jam is a very exciting way to engage with our game maker and bring your ideas to reality! We will be hosting regular jams moving forward to encourage users to create new and exciting ideas in our metaverse! Check out the slew of prizes and incentives below! We can't wait to see the awesome game experiences you all cook up!



Game Jam Theme

This first game jam's theme will be..... FIRE & ICE!.

You must follow this theme to be considered.


Prizing - $2,400 in Total Prizes!

  • 1st Place: $1,000 in $SAND. Game Featured on The Sandbox game maker home page.
  • 2nd Place: $500 in $SAND
  • 3rd Place: $200 in $SAND
  • 4th - 10th Place: $100 in $SAND each

All contestants will get a GAME JAM asset we will make. This means if you submit an entry you will receive this cool asset to place on your LANDS!


Who can join?

- Anyone who has currently been accepted to use the Game Maker is allowed to enter the jam! 


Are Teams Allowed?

- YES! You MAY work in teams of up to 4 people if desired! The prizing will be split according to the amount of team members.



- Initially with this Game Jam voting will take place internally by our entire team! We will open this to the public for community voting in the coming jams. Below are the judging criteria's they will be basing votes off.


Judging Criteria
100 Points Scale

  • Overall Idea - (25 Points)
  • Level/Game Design - (25 Points)
  • Creativity - (25 Points)
  • Playability - (25 Points)
  • Bonus Points: Wow Factor - (Up to 25 Points Extra)


Submitting your Game for Judging

- We will be using the brand new Game Maker "Gallery" feature as well as a form for submissions. You MUST upload your game to the gallery following the below GIF tutorial and using the title:  "TSB Game Jam - Game Title" 


- You MUST also submit your game to the following form link: https://form.jotform.com/202727528523658 

- If needed, here is a tutorial on how to take a GIF of your game! (required for submission on form): 


Resources to help you with your game!

Below are some tutorials and resources for help using our awesome Game Maker!


Any questions or concerns? Join our DISCORD and ask in the #tsb-game-jam channel! We are here to help!




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Nice project in perspective!
If there are people to do a common project, I'm up for it

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