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[CLOSED] Voxelize Yourself Contest - August 31st/September 14th

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Hello Everyone!

Introducing this weeks #VoxEditWeekly creation contest! This weeks theme is listed below, and guidelines are the exact same as the previous contest! Again, we have setup an entire area dedicated to both submitting and voting on assets: HERE


This weeks' theme is..: VOXELIZE YOURSELF!

Create an AWESOME voxel representation of yourself! Become an actual playable character in the Metaverse!

Don't want to create yourself? Feel free to create anyone! A famous celebrity, historian, Sandbox Team member, anything you'd like!




We are making a change to our current format, from now on submissions period will last 1 week, and voting will take place for 1 week following this submissions period!

We hope this gives more participants the chance to both submit, and gain votes for their awesome creations!

SUBMISSION: August 31st - September 7th

VOTING: September 7th - August 14th




This Week's Prizes: 

1st Place: 1 LAND and Special In Game contest winner asset!

2nd Place: 1 LAND and Special In Game contest winner asset!

3rd Place: 1 LAND and Special In Game contest winner asset!




View Guidelines & Terms (How to get Started)

Download VoxEdit

Enter Contest or VOTE for your top 3 favorites!




Changes Moving Forward:

As stated in the Discord channel, we have heard all of you guys from the past 3 contests and will be enacting the following changes moving forward. There are more to come, but we believe this is a good start!


  • Sandbox Team will be asked to vote on their favorite assets. This will give the assets that are very well done, but not shared for friends voting a chance to pop up. The team will be asked to vote for their 3 favorites among ALL the submissions.
  • Sandbox Artists that did not participate will also be asked to vote! 
  • Finally, Land Owners will be asked to vote as well. These are the people whom afterall will be potentially purchasing these assets to build experiences around on their lands. It is important to get them more involved in this voting process!
  • Additionally we will be selecting one HONORABLE MENTION each week that the Sandbox team absolutely loves or something that stuck out to us, went above and beyond etc but did not win or receive credit where it is due.

Again, please bare with us as improve these weekly contests! After all this was only the second contest, and it will only get better from here! We will continue updating this channel with further information as we come up with new ways to improve the contest. Looking forward to seeing all your awesome creations each week!

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