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I cannot login into the game maker software

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The game maker software always says my username or password is wrong

I tried to give me a new password multiple times. always the same result.

I´m permanent logged in into the webpage of the sandbox game since i registered my account yesterday.

To change my password i did the following steps:

1. Click on the avatar-icon with the word ME at the bottom of the navi-bar on the left

2. Click on the three dots near the bigger avatar-icon in the opened profil page

3. Click on "edit" in the little meno, that appeared

4. write new passrord in both password-lines in the new popup and apply

After this always a little popup with "successfull" and a green icon appeared.

But always it was impossible to use the given password in the game maker software.

It looks like the software does not know, that my account exist...

What else can i try

Is there some last step, that i need to do to activate my account for the game maker software?

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I am also having the same problem... can sign in on the website fine but when I use the exact  same login in the game maker it doesnt recognise the login

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