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FREQUENTLY ASKED (Check here before asking)


Frequently Asked - Q/A

NOTE: Check to see if your question is here BEFORE asking it!

Q: What is The Sandbox?

A:  The Sandbox is a community-driven gaming platform that empowers game makers to create, publish, and monetize a myriad of unique experiences on a decentralized platform with cryptocurrency payments. With the support of millions of creators around the world, our goal is to make The Sandbox the new standard in world building games, with millions of user-created 3D voxel assets and games available as NFTs on the blockchain. You can learn more about us here: sandbox.game.


Q: What is The Sandbox Marketplace?

A:  As the main structure where blockchain integrates our gaming platform, our Marketplace has two important functions. First, it’s the initial step for converting voxel assets to NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) called ASSETs. Second, it presents artists with a decentralized worldwide Marketplace to sell their assets, introducing them to the blockchain.

We also use an open standard (ERC-721), which means that any creation is immediately available on 3rd party digital marketplaces as well as The Sandbox), giving your work additional visibility.


Q: What is a blockchain and what are its benefits?

A:  A blockchain is a publicly accessible online ledger (database) that is not owned by any central authority. Once anything is set in this ledger, it cannot be modified or censored by any single authority. Blockchain technology provides the following benefits to creators: Scarcity, Authenticity, True-Ownership etc.

Each of these benefits is inherently available to you, just by using the blockchain. Even if The Sandbox Marketplace ceases to exist, your digital creations will forever remain on the blockchain, and forever be transferable/purchasable. As interacting with the blockchain outside of The Sandbox is still quite complex, we are offering a service that makes blockchain technology simple while providing its benefits to all creators.


Q: What do I need to start using the Marketplace? 

A: Creating your account

  • Click on Login and select the “Create account” button
  • Enter your First and Last name and click Continue
  • Enter your Email and a password.
  • Choose a Username and add a bio if you like.
  • Create a MetaMask wallet or link your existing wallet to the Marketplace account. You can create a new account from the MetaMask web: https://metamask.io/ and follow its guide: https://youtu.be/ZIGUC9JAAw8
  • Once you create the MetaMask wallet, you can link it to the Marketplace account by pressing the Login Wallet button that will generate two pop up windows that you need to accept and sign.


Q: How much will each SAND and LAND be?


  • 3,000,000,000 SAND & 166,464 LAND tokens in total.
  • The price of LAND will vary depending on the rounds of pre-sale, with a decreasing discount
  • SAND is not for sale


Q: Users can buy SAND/LAND in ETH? Or other way to buy?

A:  Users can buy LAND with ETH. SAND Is for not sale yet.


Q: Will there be any KYC process in presale?

A: As only 1 district 24x24 costs more than this, we will handle this case separately by contacting the buyer as we will have its email.


Q: In Japan, selling tokens to Japanese people is illegal without a license. So we think we can do presale of LAND only.

A: As SAND will only be available through a "Starter Pack" that contains NFTs (see screenshot), will it still pose a problem for Japan?


Q: Will there be any minimum or maximum quantity that participants can buy?

A: No, there will not be!


Q: What the detailed process of the pre-sale?

A: Users connect their crypto/web3 wallets (eg. Metamask), sign up on sandbox.game, buy SAND, select LAND on the (upcoming) map and buy LAND with SAND.


Q: Is VoxEdit compatible with Magicavoxel?

A: Yes, we can import/export to OBJ and MagicaVoxel models. MagicaVoxel doesn't support importing VoxEdit animated VXR though.


Q: About whitelisting; How can I change my email address? I haven’t gotten confirmation email for changing email address from The Sandbox

A: You can change it in the Settings I think. This is a edge case however.


Q: When I whitelisted using Trust Wallet, I wasn’t asked to set a password. How can I change my password? 

A: Trust Wallet is a web3 wallet right, so you won't need a password.


Q: What are Institutional token holders, their amounts, and the lockup schedules, prices. 

A: Investors hold 20~22% of the whole SAND, and they are locked for 1 year after the SAND listing.


Q: Potential listing exchange candidates (International/Korean)

A: Huobi, CoinOne, OkEX, Liquid, HanbitCo, Bithumb


Q: Game launching plans for international and Korean markets. Game-wise development blueprint and planning.

A: We will begin the pre-sale of LAND in early December, and share more information publicly about it. The Game Maker Alpha version is to be launched in early 2020. We are partnering with Game Academies in Korea, and we are partners with Korea Mobile Gaming Association and Korea Blockchain Content Association that can help us to reach out to developers and studios.

Game Maker will be released in 3 layers(drop and drag; visual scripting; advanced coding) - every month we will provide more packages, models, and features and announce them.


Q: Relationship with Klaytn, Animoca Brands

A: We are one of Klaytn's 3rd round of Initial Service Partners. Our intention is to bring the TSB to Kakao's klaytn chain/app/wallet to enable more adoption to non crypto audience in Korea

Animoca Brands is a shareholder of TSB Gaming Equity, which is a legal entity in Malta that has token, IP, and the Sandbox. They provide all the resources to support the project on the marketing, distribution etc. Also, all best practices are shared across all Animoca Brands' projects.


Q: Potential integration/partnership for the TSB game platform (Stablecoin for instance)

A: We are working on to support DAI. We are going to release an article about details about our partnerships soon.


Q: Reasons/potentials for the partnerships TSB currently has.

A: The Sandbox’s team has also secured several partnerships from major brands such as Shaun the Sheep and award-winning mobile game studios including Animoca Brands, Old Skull Games. Additionally, top decentralized games like MyCryptoHeroes, Axie Infinity, CryptoWars, Battle Racers and industry partners such as Klaytn, OpenSea, Bitski, Dapp.com, and DappRadar have signed on.

These partners will claim a stake in The Sandbox metaverse and secure their own virtual real estate to build game experiences either themselves or through their fan communities that can be experienced upon the public launch of the platform in 2020.


Q: What can SAND be used for?

A: The SAND token is an ERC-20 based utility token that will be used as the basis of transactions on the Marketplace, allowing CREATORs to exchange ASSETs and LANDs.

These are the description of utilities of the SAND token.

  • Marketplace Currency
    • The SAND token will be used throughout The Sandbox’s marketplace as the official currency when purchasing NFT.
  • Asset Upload
    • Fee system where it charges a small amount of SAND to anyone who wishes to upload a new creation.
  • Moderation Tool
    • Users will be able to participate in the moderation of the platform, removing obscene content or content that infringes on someone’s rights.
  • Reward Program
    • Compensate the best experience creators with SAND tokens, thus forming a fairer reward system in distributing the proceeds among different stakeholders.
  • Crowdfunding
    • Creators can post ideas to be developed and receive funding for development from the community by SAND tokens.
  • Events Governance
    • Users can vote on the theme of a new upcoming sale event, on the next features for the creation software.
  • In-Game Purchases
    • They might ask for an entrance fee for their experiences, or they might charge for premium services.
  • Community
    • The incentive for members of a community to expand its user base to grow benefits for all, which results in the relative scarcity of tokens that increase its value


Q: What can LAND be used for?

A: Owning LAND lets you be among the first to offer a gaming experience in The Sandbox and it’s always better to be a first-mover before the platform gets crowded with competing experiences. The first builders have a chance to create defining experiences on a new platform — the first arcade game, the first puzzle adventure, etc.

In a nutshell, LAND ownership allows you to be the FIRST to:

  • Secure desirable locations from the finite amount of LAND in The Sandbox
  • Participate in gameplay in The Sandbox
  • Host games or experiences on your LAND
  • Monetize your investment by hosting gameplay or renting the LAND
  • Organize contests and events on your LAND
  • Participate in metaverse governance

But most importantly, it is via your LAND that you can build, create, and own your gaming world!


Q: Is there a MMORPG being made on The Sandbox?

A: We do not consider The Sandbox to be a MMORPG but more a multiplayer collaborative and competitive gaming and building experience. The Sandbox will enable co-building and games. However, a MMORPG is a gaming experience like any other. Creators can tackle this challenge if they want to!


Q: Is SAND a stablecoin?

A: SAND is not designed to be a stable coin and the valuation of SAND can change based on the supply and demand for it.


Q: How much SAND will be sold?

A: SAND tokens are currently not available for public sale at the moment, but we are expecting to be in 2020.


Q: Who are the existing SAND investors?

A: The Sandbox lead investors and partners include Hashed, Blocore, B-Cryptos, a major publicly-listed Japanese video games company and True Global Ventures.


Q: "How many Avatars can fit in one LAND parcel/can play one game at the same time?"

A: We would like to enable 32 to 64 players to play together inside a single world in sessions-based gameplay.


Q: Does the Sandbox take a cut when LAND owners monetize their LANDS? How much is it?

A: The Sandbox does not plan to take any cut or revenue share on the LANDs or Games. Each LAND owner receives 100% for himself.


Q: How are ASSETS priced?

A: Creators can decided the price of their ASSETs as well as the Scarcity. ASSETS that artists and creators upload into the marketplace can be enhanced with special attributes that will change their behavior in the game experiences that the Game Maker provides. Aside from the specific attributes and how they will affect your gameplay, there are four different rarities that NFTs in the Sandbox will contain. Scarcity is the number of copies an ASSET will have. A system of GEM (tokens) will be implemented to manage scarcity and rarity.

There will be three main classes of GEMs that can be burned to an ASSET before converting it into an NFT (or to an asset that you have bought previously). Common, the basic rarity of an NFT when uploaded to the marketplace, is the basic level.

Using a rarity GEM to improve your NFT will provide better visibility of it in the marketplace, as GEMS will be scarce in The Sandbox Metaverse.


Q: "Can non-Creators trade ASSETS with one another? If so, can they determine the prices by themselves? Does the Sandbox take a cut of these transactions and if so, how much is it?"

A: Yes, as ASSETS are non-fungible tokens in ERC-721 and ERC-1155 format, they can be freely traded between users on The Sandbox marketplace and any other secondary marketplace such as OpenSea. Each marketplace usually takes a small cut on transactions.


Q: Can you freely walk from one LAND parcel to another if they are connected?

A: Currently, you can only walk inside a LAND parcel and use Portals to travel to the other adjacent ones.
We are working on enabling more seaming-less traveling from one LAND to any other.


Q: Does a LAND simply end if you view the edge of a LAND/Estate? Or can you see other LANDS/Neighbors?

A: A LAND ends on the view edge, but we are working on enabling more seaming-less previewing the content of any adjacent LAND.


Q: Can an Estate be split up in single LAND parcels or smaller Estates and if so, can you sell these separately?

A: In the future, LANDs held into an ESTATE will no longer be transferrable or sellable individually until the ESTATE is dissolved and the User retrieves his individual LANDs parcels. The User can assemble/disassemble ESTATES and LANDS as long as the requirements are matched.


Q: "Will an ESTATE automatically become a DISTRICT if the owner decides to sell a portion of the ESTATE?"

A: In order to assemble LANDs into an Estate, a User will need to transfer ownership of his LANDS to the Estate contract. The Estate contract will then mint a new token to represent your Estate. Its metadata will be the content of that estate. We will also add mechanism to add and remove land to an existing estate. LANDs held into an ESTATE will no longer be transferrable or sellable individually until the ESTATE is dissolved and the User retrieves his individual LANDs parcels.


Q: "Can the number of Copies of an ASSET be changed later on or is this a one time decision and the number of Copies cannot be changed once it is set?"

A: No, the number of copy of an ASSET is defined and cannot be modified, it is immutable on the blockchain.


Q: Can you use an ASSET multiple times in your games, even if you bought only one copy of it?

A: Yes, there is no limitations to how many time an ASSET can be used inside a game once you bought a copy of it.


Q: "Are GEMS NFTs? Can they be sold and traded or do they stick to one account?"

A: GEMS are secondary tokens (ERC-20) found within the Sandbox Metaverse. GEMS are creation tokens, required for players to publish upgraded. The supply of GEMS is determined by the community through staking. A base supply is provided. GEMS can be traded on the marketplace.


Q: Is there any reward for staking SAND?

A: Staking SAND will provide several rewards to the users. For example, Gems are minted on a weekly basis defined by the initial smart contract. The amount of minted Gems is defined by the amount of SAND staked by players.

Minted Gems can be obtained by different means :

  • Contests : GAMES and ASSETS creators are rewarded Gems through contests, votes…
  • Gameplay : Gems are scattered through GAMES and can be found by players Airdrops


Q: Can LAND owners decide by themselves how much they charge for renting LAND Parcels?

A: LAND owners can decide how much they want to charge for renting LAND parcels, but they will need to remain competitive for Game Creators to keep an economic incentive to paying out a rent while monetizing their games and continuing developing them.


Q: "Could a LAND owner take a cut of the game revenue instead of renting the LAND?"

A: For now the only options for a LAND owner to get revenue is either to rent the LAND or monetize a game hosted on it. We will look into new options such as different contracts for renting.


Q: Can SAND be reconverted to ETH?

A: Users will be able to convert their SAND tokens into any other crypto-currency via an Exchange once SAND will be publicly listed on Exchanges.


Q: Does it matter where the LAND or ESTATE is located? Are there any benefits to different locations? 

A: Choosing a location depends on the nearby LANDs, ESTATES and PARTNERS, as these can attract more visitors near to you. As players need to travel between LANDs, the closer you are to hot spots, the more traffic you're likely to generate. We recommend to choose a bigger ESTATE if you want to create bigger games and potentially enable more players in Multiplayer. The location of a LAND or ESTATE doesn't have any impact on the GAMES that can be made by the Game Creators.


Q: "How adjacent land owned by different people will function in the world from player perspective? Can you walk from one to another? Otherwise if not, why does location matter at all? Why even have a map?"

A: Currently, you can only walk inside a LAND parcel and use Portals to travel to adjacent ones. We are working on enabling more seaming-less traveling from one LAND to any other.


Q: Is traveling for players between neighbors (different games) possible if both LAND Owners agree on it?

A: If different owners want to combine their LANDs, they can form a DISTRICT. This way the LANDs become linked.


Q: Will teleports that enable traveling between LANDS be ASSETS that have to be purchased on the Market? 

A: No, however teleporting might imply a cost.


Q: What is the size of a LAND?

A: A single LAND contains 96 blocks of terrain for its depth and width plus 128 blocks of height.


Q: Can you develop games in a collaboration?

A: In the future yes but it will start with single-creators and single players modes.


Q: Will it be possible to integrate in game Level-Upgrades for ASSETS, to offer deeper Gaming Experiences? (Might be interesting, if not planned already)

A: Yes, we thought about in-game customization features as well as a system to upgrade ASSETS by paying GEMS (with different scarcity).


Q: If LAND is rented to a creator, does the Game developed on the LAND belong to the Owner? Can the Owner sell the LAND with the game on it?

A: Any creation belongs to its creator. When a LAND is rented, it cannot be sold until the contract is terminated.


Q: Can i form a district with my own LANDs/ESTATEs?

A: A District requires at least two different owners. A group of LANDS/ESTATES combined from a single player is just a bigger ESTATE.


Q: Can Creators themselves integrate play2earn mechanisms into their games? (Might be interesting, if not planned already)

A: We're planning on some rewarding features allowing creators to integrate play2earn mechanisms.


Q: How many XL LANDS will be sold in the first round? And could we know the location of each XL LANDS in the map?

A: Only 1 XL ESTATE per round. Locations will be revealed at each round.


Q: If the worst case scenario should happen and Ethereum is not scalable - is the Sandbox able to go to some other chain?

A: We are developing first on Ethereum but we also have a partnership with Klaytn, the public blockchain of Kakao to be available on it later in 2020. We are exploring the possibilities to be available on other blockchain in the future.


Q: What are the effects of the different Attributes that ASSETS have? (Luck, Power e.g.)

A: They are used and interpreted by behaviors in different types of gameplay.


Q: Can you build eagle eye perspective games? First-Person perspective? Third-Person perspective?

A: We will allow game developers to create games with any kind of perspective.


Q: What is the benefit of extracting an ERC-721 ASSET out of an ERC-1155 ASSET batch?

A: With ERC721 you can associate data on-chain to a specific token. Gems could be burned into an ERC-721 ASSET to enhance it. Also, other Token could be added to it.


Q: Can I move ASSETS I created in Sandbox Evolution to The Sandbox?

A: No because in the legacy The Sandbox Evolution, the content are in 2D instead of 3D and they are on a centralized database with different attributes, instead of the blockchain. The two versions are not compatible.


Q: How do you guarantee an item is unique (i.e. a plane on sale won't get recreated or closely cloned in VoxEdit and resold)?

A: Our ToU enforce this by stating that duplicating is not allowed and can result in the asset being taken down. The community will play a strong part there with the right to vote and curate content.


Q: Is there an affiliate program?

A: Yes! Please visit our affiliate program HERE.


Q: Could the block be broken or deleted? Is it possible to delete asset in-game by player, not a LAND owner? Fox example a fragile vase or a wood box? Thank you!

A: This will be allowed through our behavior systems. An asset could possess the "destructible" behavior and become part of the gameplay.


Q: What are GEMs, how can we earn them and what uses do they have?

A: GEM is the currency allowing creators to mint rare, epic and legendary assets. They are designed to make sure the overall distribution remains meaningful, ensuring that a legendary asset is actually legendary.


Q: Is there real physics in the game?

A: The engine is physics based. We are working on several physics modes allowing game creators to work with physics, colliders and kinematic elements.


Q: How much control over the game creation process do I have (i.e. how involved is the scripting system)?

A: The game making process follows 3 layers. Each of these layers allow for a deeper customization of the game.

  • 1st layer - Behaviors : Creators can attach behaviors to entities and tweak their parameters to create game experiences.
  • 2nd layer - Visual scripting : Creators can create their own behaviors using our Visual Scripting tool.
  • 3rd layer - Scripting : Creators can create their own behaviors using Scripting.

Our main focus today is to provide a solid 1st layer and then iterate over the 2nd and 3rd layers later in the development.


Q: How are multiple users handled all playing the same game?  Is it one instance per user, or one instance for all players on my land(s)?

A: Game creators decide when they publish their Game how many people can enter an instance (1 being a solo experience, up to N). Multiple instances are created to host >N players.


Q: How exactly might I earn sand on my land if I buy it? Do I ask for it via my script?

A: Owners do not passively earn SAND just by owning a LAND. They need to either monetize it through an experience or through renting.


Q: I’m very concerned that you only accept ETH and not USD directly. What if I transfer ETH the night before, then the ETH value drops, and my $1400 becomes $1200 overnight, then I have to add more money.

A: We also accept payments in DAI, a stable coin whose value is stable against USD. Prices ares fixed in USD.


Q: Have you guys decided on whether people will be able to roam freely among the LAND and estates for discovery?

A: We are not a single persistent world but we are definitively working on defining the mechanics on how players can travel between LANDs and having Lobbies that will be points of "rally" for users.


Q: What is the benefit of getting the ownership of a land closer to the SANDBOX/center of the map besides it being cheaper because of pre-sale discounts

A: We are thinking of having virtual roads between the lands and also portals with several level of accessibility.


Q: Can we upload sound/music/video/gif art on Land?

A: Still being defined atm. We’re working on behaviors allowing it.


Q: Is The Sandbox actually going to be running in the web browser or a standalone client when its going to be playable/creatable?

A: It is going to be a downloadable client at first. We might think of developing a browser-baser client in the future.


Q: Can't login onto my account

A: If you've already signed up for the website and verified, the website will reject your login unless you wait after clicking the login button on the top right. You MUST wait for the loading bar that is on the top of the screen BEFORE trying to enter your login information, or the login will not work.


Q: Can I link LANDs to a bigger ESTATE?

A: Yes, as long as they’re adjacent.


Q: I'm wondering how open the project will be. In particular, will land owners be able to build using free software tools alone, or will they be forced to use proprietary software (like VoxEdit currently is)?

A: We are looking to be as open and interoperable as possible. We wrote tutorials for exporting from VoxEdit to Minecraft from example and also are discussing how to make our voxel model (VXM, combining VOX for 3D and GLTF for animations) used in other virtual worlds games. We are also working on enabling to import NFTs into The Sandbox worlds to display them inside your game experiences.


Q: Will the Game Maker be open source and free software, or will you be able to build without it?

A: We are looking at enabling modding and enabling to make your own game packages in the game maker. Down the road, we will be then enabling further customization options, with visual scripting and even programming language and custom coding of game asset behaviors.


Q: How will we access the Metaverse?

A: We will offer multiple ways to access our Metaverse and we keep discussing and working on every day. One of them is to start with our map on the website where you will be able to search for the kind of games you want to play, and when you click on the game it will redirect you to the map where you can see not only that game but also nearby suggestions, a lot of other experiences made and can catch your attention. We are also thinking on how we can implement a navigation from within the game directly: using your Avatar, accessing through The Sandbox hubs (the blue square on our map), which are acting as lobbies where players can come together, chat and potentially use portals to access different games nearby.We've been discussing also ideas such as using Roads where Characters can walk through in-between the different LANDs and see the different games experiencesWe have both a short term and long term vision on how we are going to accomplish it and we need time to implement a good UX for everyone to enjoy and choose how they want to experience our virtual world: access quickly a game OR explore the metaverse and take their time.We have a vision 5 to 10 years from now and obviously we want to access the different LANDs but also have to see how it can be done quickly and efficiently at Day 1. Then become with time, the platform going live, the number of experiences expanding, the number of LANDs increasing etc. It all comes down to a stratgy of prioritizing in our roadmap where we combine a satisfactory UX, shape a vision of virtual world and deliver on our promise.


Q: What is the limit of players that can build on one land at a time? Can this be done simultaneously? 

A: This is not yet defined, we are benchmarking and will know the limits based on performance essentially. As a Game Creator, you create alone. But there is a special mode called Co-Bulding where together you can create.


Q: What is the hard asset limit on one Land?

A: This hasn't yet been estimated, we are benchmarking as well. It will be based on performance.


Q: Can one item be used across several lands owned by other users? An item example: A Key 

A: As a game creator, you need to own 1 copy per LAND in which you plan to use the Item.


Q: Is there any feature which allows multiple land's to be under one game? Or will user's have to move from land to land by their own accord? Can ownership be shared for multiple land's, if so is there a limit? Or is the only option to Rent a Land/Own it? 

A: Yes. You can either group your adjacent lands into an asset. We are also using Portals to links distant LANDs and thinking how to create progression. There is no shared ownership for single LANDs at the moment, we are planning it for Districts.. But we can imagine the owner of a LAND be controlled by a DAO to enable multiple owners and pooling lands and resources, splitting the revenue based on the DAO rules.


Q: How easily obtainable is Sand? What will be the main methods aside from using actual money to attain Sand? Will SAND only be attainable through officially funded/partnered games or is there a method for land owners to allow SAND earning within their games? 

A: There will be ways to earn SAND through playing, collecting and trading in-game resource like gems for example or through Staking mechanisms. We will talk more about this soon.


Q: What are the requirements to monetize your game? Player Counts?

A: As a Game Creator, you can set how you monetize your game: paid access in SAND, Free access with some limitations or requirements to own a NFT from the marketplace to play for example.


Q: For the Game Maker Fund: Will be there be a strict deadline for products?

A: Each project accepted into the Game Makers Fund will be followed by our project manager and we're working on the conditions with their respective creators.


Q: What will the players perspective be when they play the Sandbox, how will they travel to different Lands?

A: The Player experience will be deeply immersive, entering a social world where they can interact, chat, walk, play, collaborate or compete with other players. You can access LANDs from the maps, through portals, the mechanics are still in progress.


If you don't see your question answered here, please now "Ask A Question" in the Q/A Forum. We will be happy to answer it!

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