Paris City Jam - Paris Adventure Quest

Hello, we are the Kraftpom team.
We would like to introduce our game.

• Paris City Jam - Paris Adventure Quest
Run through iconic Parisian landmarks,
playing fun mini-games at each location.
Experience the charm of Paris
while mastering challenges in this thrilling adventure!

Paris City Jam Paris Adventure Quest // Trailer

The game design is presented in the form of an infographic,
focusing on the use of vibrant colors and simple,
easy-to-understand icons.
Players will navigate a map of Paris,
visiting various landmarks and playing mini-games.

The landmarks and mini-games are as follows:

• Starting Point: Le Marais, The Sandbox Office
• Location 1: Parc de la Villette / Balloon Shooting Mini-Game
• Location 2: Montmartre / Paris Map Jigsaw Puzzle Mini-Game
• Location 3: Champs Elysées / Coin Collecting Mini-Game
• Location 4: Notre-Dame / Ghost Fighting Mini-Game
• Location 5: Eiffel Tower / Parkour Racing Mini-Game

We hope you will enjoy our game.