Paris City Jam - Eiffel Manager

Paris City Jam - Eiffel Manager
Take on the role of the caretaker of the Eiffel Tower, ensuring everything is in order and handling various situations. Aim to achieve the highest score.

Paris City Jam - Eiffel Manager ------ Trailer

This is my first time creating a game for a game jam.
I didn’t manage to make many models, but I focused on developing various systems to make the game the way I like it.

You will play as the caretaker of the Eiffel Tower (using a cursor), managing and maintaining order at the Eiffel Tower. Look after tourists and handle various occurrences at the Eiffel Tower in the Metaverse.

Collect money, upgrade, and score as high as possible.

I hope everyone enjoys my game.


this is not my game, but I received a request for help from @JRung. Since she just signed up for the Forum and cannot post, she cannot submit her game for the jam.

As the deadline for the game jam submission is approaching, she asked me, a friend from the same country, to post it on her behalf.

Thank you very much.