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  1. Chimpabastian

    Zilnis The Triton Prince

    Thanks Nexonik!, It was created with the Medium Human Template and unlocked to be able to export it in .dae format and then import it in Unity. Inside the Unity Engine I did the materials treatment to configure the emissive texture like I wanted. The environment has two blue and two white lights. And lastly, I added a Bloom and Vignette effect with Post Processing.
  2. Chimpabastian

    Zilnis The Triton Prince

    Thanks Vladimir!!
  3. Chimpabastian

    Zilnis The Triton Prince

    Zilnis is the prince of a very friendly and ancient race of tritons. They are famous for having won many battles due to their incredible power under the sea.
  4. Chimpabastian

    Malakkar The Pirate

    He comes from the Marine Underworld. He's determined to seize all the ships and treasures that cross his path.
  5. Chimpabastian

    Toxic Fish

    The bite of this toxic fish can melt you to the bone.
  6. Chimpabastian

    Radiant Cat

    A cute little cat from space
  7. Chimpabastian

    Spy Chameleon Robot

    Activated sensors!!!
  8. Chimpabastian

    Space Invader

    Don't hate me I just want votes :D

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