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  1. This happens because there is an Ambient Occlusion filter for the voxels, and another one for the screen. As you can see, in the upper row of voxels, the passage from the mesh to the blocks happens seamlessly. I think the AC for the voxels should be turned off on PC and just let the graphic board work it out on the screen buffer.
  2. There is some problem with very short animations. I guess it's about syncing with the framerate... but we should be made aware of what the limits are, like minimum frame numbers per animation in example, or what is happening in this case. bandicam 2020-11-21 17-27-26-864.mp4
  3. Oh and another one, that I don't know how my fellow artists feel about: in VoxEdit and in GameMaker, the gizmo lines to move and rotate the objects are a bit too thin. I continuously miss them and have to re-click, re-select, etc. Would be nice to have 1 or 2 pixel thickness more. Also, in the GameMaker the gizmo seems a bit too large for the screen and it becomes annoying when you need to select objects that are one near the other.
  4. Great addition, Filip! One thing I don't know how my fellow artists feel about... but I find extremely annoying that once a node is duplicated in VoxEdit, it doesn't also get immediately selected. If I copy node 6 into n.7, I expect it to be selected, so that I can immediately work on it, and keep everything all tidy. Instead, I keep moving the previous number while duplicating. This is not an error from my side, as EVERY application that duplicates something, then immediately focus on the duplicate and not on the source.
  5. The "long way rotation" option in VoxEdit does not work correctly in GameMaker. bandicam 2020-11-21 07-29-26-038.mp4 bandicam 2020-11-21 07-30-05-451.mp4
  6. Request for VoxEdit: in the modeler, add a function to swap the entirety of the voxels of one color in the model, with another color.
  7. And still here we are. I completely agree that the best works are not winning. The winners are those with most friends voting for them, and this is a shame. I think that the voting should be responsibility of few selected members of the Sandbox team and nobody else. At the moment there are far too little voters for the votes to make any sense: they are too easily steered with few tens of friends and fake accounts. A vote doesn't take all that time, and the task could easily be chosen during a pause.
  8. The VoxEdit file requester font... could it be smaller and thinner? Or give the option visualize a list? This is what I see when I want to open one of the object in a series I am working on... Also: I have several hard disks, and the last in the list partically cover the filename field. If I add another one, the first part of the filename will be completely hidden.
  9. November update. After further use, I have more bug reports and suggestion on the software. GAMEMAKER 1) The bloom effect in the game has a far too low threshold that kills off the effectiveness of the effect (?). In this image that I made as a test, values range from 100% to 0 in the first 3 columns. Then they couple up in 100% and 50%. As you can see, at half way going up from the darkest to the lightest colors, the different shades of colors are completely lost. In this other image prepared by another artist test, we can see that at higher values, a
  10. Thank you. So I can participate with more than one asset?
  11. So, anything fantasy goes? Like weapons, characters, shields, buildings... anything? Is it possible to participate with a set of assets, instead than with a single object? Like in example a set of weapons? Or it must be a single object?
  12. As a long time graphic producer and 3D modeler (and I talk about 30 years), I want to give my 2 cents on Voxedit and Gamemaker. Of course this only represents my personal opinion. Below you will find my thoughts about what are the main issues and features most needed. Most of the problems I want to talk about are about the GUI. I understand that Voxedit is still under heavy works, so I don't complain much about the features that are or are not there. But the GUI should be addressed as soon as possible, together with some bugs that make the use of the editor difficult.
  13. Is submission still open here or not? The title still has (open) in it.

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