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  1. Willy

    Small Prehistoci Human

    Based on small human template, fully animated
  2. Willy

    Construction Vehicle Lift

    I still scratch my hair to understand how it can be done :-) Excellent
  3. Willy

    Industrail Fan 128x128

    IndustRIAL !
  4. Willy

    Industrail Fan 128x128

    Well it is a fan and it rotate !
  5. Willy

    Skull Double Door from Template

    Open close, it from the template ;-)
  6. Willy

    Furoshiki Hokusai - (110 x 60)

    A nice & famous painting
  7. Willy


    not that friendly
  8. Willy

    Angry Mimic

    This asset is awesome with top notch animations, my fav so far
  9. Willy


  10. Willy

    Fantasy Energy Source

  11. Willy

    Medieval Catapult

    100% Voxedit

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