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Vladimir Zyrianov

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  1. Best choise ! I would add Blender (or c4d) + 3d Coat for Hand painted textures Fussion 360 or Moi 3d for CAD or quick modeling
  2. Thank you so much!!! I apprecite it!
  3. Good job! This is one of my most favorite concept art work I did in terms of quality and character design.
  4. STEP 12 @Sandio - Cancelled, replace by a friend with @jpcoco assistance
  5. STEP 09 @CyberDragon.eth aka SpacePirate
  6. Welcome to the Chain Maker! The Chain maker is a collaborative space created by Gundam-Z! CHAIN MAKER V1 Confirmed Dirty Hands : Discord:@LiuFogel @Vladimir Zyrianov🐥 @jpcoco @Gundam-Z @Rem @AlphaPerry @General Fault @PoUpA @CyberDragon.eth aka SpacePirate @Crays @Sandio @Voxediator @Jason16 Twitter: Exmachina @thibaultsimar @KamiSawZe (Alex) Will be last to edit the file - Live on saturday stream the 1st August. Stay with us!
  7. Congrats! 🎉The Sandland community has a sub-forum in the officital The Sandbox's forum! 🎉 Welcome to the first Independent landowners community – The Sandland! 🌍 The Sandland community is the aggregator of all gameplays, mechanics and monetization approaches. The place where you get freedom, support and added value 💰 for you and your players. 🎁 It's also a partnership. 🤝 The Sandland brings landowners together since Dec 2019. Let's make something amazing together! Our discrod server (temporarily private) is still the place for active realtime communication. The for
  8. https://www.artstation.com/mmx https://www.artstation.com/alpo P.s. If you are a Landowner, contact me in Discrod (Vladimir Zyrianov🐥#3586) I'll ivite you to The first unofficial landowners community – The Sandland!

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