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  1. krad_supersoldier

    Ancient Kraken

    Thank you!
  2. krad_supersoldier

    Ancient Kraken

    It was long that this beast has been in slumber. Now that it has awaken will man conquer the beast or will it be conquered instead?
  3. krad_supersoldier

    Bionic Thunder Shark

    Man has discovered only 5% of the ocean and this creatured revealed that the other 95% must be remained unexplored because of the danger that it hides from us.
  4. krad_supersoldier

    Epic Guardian Gorajan

    Thank you! very much Appreciated πŸ˜„
  5. I really explore into a lot of art forms either 2D or 3D here are a some of them: 2D PhotoShop - Editing or Drawing Illustrator - For Vectors and Stuff 3D Maya - 3D modelling specially for props assets Magica Voxel - I use this when I am modelling buildings and assets in the sandbox except when doing human Zbrush - Highpoly 3D sculptures Substance Painter - For Texturing 3D Assets Marmoset - Realtime Rendering for presentation especially for game assets sometimes I use unreal engine for environment scenes Others After Effects - Great for special effects or video editing(I like it better than premiere)
  6. So I bought a 3D printer recently and I was a complete noob who nearly emptied a bottle of resin because of too much mistake in 3D printing but as of now everything is turning out great πŸ˜„ It's very technical at first but at goes easier over time πŸ˜„ Here are one of the sample prints I made which is an overwatch lootbox and Garnet's Gloves
  7. Oh my goodness! GREAT ARTWORK! Your works are more impressive than ever! @Vladimir Zyrianov Hands Down!
  8. I also have plans but I'm still not sure about the full capability of the game yet and I think it will have more possibilities in the future since it's still in progress. For now I'm thinking of a game where A single player can enjoy it
  9. krad_supersoldier

    Epic Guardian Gorajan

    Thank you Susan! I got the I dea from a golem but I don't want to create just an ordinary golem, I'd like it to be unique so I found an Aztec like golem πŸ˜„ I'm glad you liked the story
  10. Hi Everyone! Developing games is one of my passion which why I am also a part of The Sandbox's voxel creators. I wish that someday I could create my own game from my own concept but right now I'm practicing until that day comes. Here are some of the renders I did for a game that I was planning to do. It still needs a lot of improvement but I think I'm off to a good start! Ever since I learned how to code and create 3D models I always dreamed of getting my game into the community and I think The Sandbox is a great platform to do it. I really want to make not just a game but "the" game that will let people enjoy and have a great time while also being drawn to a good to story. While in college, I always did my best since I've never seen myself as a talented person I believe that hard work can compromise my lack of talent. Thesis came and what we did was we made an rpg game that resembles a PS1 era of graphics we did our best but we didn't won the best thesis award. I reflected, I worked hard but why did we not win? Well to be honest the other group who won made a very great game with great graphics that is similar to FFXV. Even though I worked hard, I think that the other group worked harder by learning things that our university didn't teach. What our university teaches is game programming and modelling but I honestly think that we lack the knowledge of the proper workflow to be able to work in a game company. After that I was able have my internship together with the person I lost my thesis to and learn from him. He became my bestfriend and tought me a lot and how our current knowledge and learning isn't enough to qualify for a position in a game company. Well that was true, After graduation and half a year have passed I wasn't able to find a job. Most jobs reject my application and most of them require 1-2 years of experience. I nearly lost hope and I tried to apply at a company as a quality assurance employee but I tried one last time. My last application for the position of a 3D artist where I took an exam that lasted a week, While taking the exam I got Dengue and during the day I worked on my exam because at night my fever goes up and my body becomes burning hot. I was supposed to stay at the hospital but I told the doctors and my parents that I need to take my exam and insisted to stay at home instead. In the middle of that exam week the whole day I wasn't able to do anything but cry because my body is so hot that I can't move. I even told myself that maybe It's not for me and I'm just digging my own grave but the next day I still tried until the last the my fever was almost gone and I was able to send my exam an hour earlier than the deadline and after that I went to the hospital to find out my dengue was now gone. More importantly I got hired! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I was very happy and grateful my hard work paid off. This august will be my one year to the company that I am working but sadly I got temporarily laid off because of the covid so our game department ceased our operation. huhuhuhu 😒 but I am happy that I was able to join the creator fund and still lucky that I got to do freelance work. Right now I'm focusing on 3D printing so I can pay the bills πŸ˜„ I hope that I could get to work to a gaming company someday where I can further learn and hone my craft. I hope you enjoyed my long and boring story HAHAHAHAHA. πŸ˜„ What's your 3D story and experience? I'd also like to hear yours πŸ˜„let's all share our experiences together πŸ˜„
  11. I love how you post process!! Here is my photoshop work. This is also my original character that I conceptualized. The background is in 3D which I rendered inside a game engine
  12. krad_supersoldier

    Epic Guardian Gorajan

    Thank you so much for all the voters! I am very thankful for all of you! I didn't expect much but thank you!
  13. krad_supersoldier

    Epic Guardian Gorajan

    There is ancient prophecy among the Aztec gods that there will be war and chaos bring end to their reign. As the gods feared, they built guardians that was forged through fire and brimstone. All the gods poured their blood to bring life into this guardian
  14. krad_supersoldier

    Pirate Ship

    Thanks for supporting my work! ❀️ I happy that you guys liked it πŸ˜„

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