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  1. I really explore into a lot of art forms either 2D or 3D here are a some of them: 2D PhotoShop - Editing or Drawing Illustrator - For Vectors and Stuff 3D Maya - 3D modelling specially for props assets Magica Voxel - I use this when I am modelling buildings and assets in the sandbox except when doing human Zbrush - Highpoly 3D sculptures Substance Painter - For Texturing 3D Assets Marmoset - Realtime Rendering for presentation especially for game assets sometimes I use unreal engine for environment scenes Others After Effects - Great
  2. So I bought a 3D printer recently and I was a complete noob who nearly emptied a bottle of resin because of too much mistake in 3D printing but as of now everything is turning out great 😄 It's very technical at first but at goes easier over time 😄 Here are one of the sample prints I made which is an overwatch lootbox and Garnet's Gloves
  3. Oh my goodness! GREAT ARTWORK! Your works are more impressive than ever! @Vladimir Zyrianov Hands Down!
  4. I also have plans but I'm still not sure about the full capability of the game yet and I think it will have more possibilities in the future since it's still in progress. For now I'm thinking of a game where A single player can enjoy it
  5. Hi Everyone! Developing games is one of my passion which why I am also a part of The Sandbox's voxel creators. I wish that someday I could create my own game from my own concept but right now I'm practicing until that day comes. Here are some of the renders I did for a game that I was planning to do. It still needs a lot of improvement but I think I'm off to a good start! Ever since I learned how to code and create 3D models I always dreamed of getting my game into the community and I think The Sandbox is a great platform to do it. I really want to make not just a game but "the" game that wil
  6. I love how you post process!! Here is my photoshop work. This is also my original character that I conceptualized. The background is in 3D which I rendered inside a game engine

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