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  1. i found out, that i have to use shift to activate and deactivate the snapping function of the pivot.
  2. I noticed, that the pivot sometimes snaps to half voxel units and sometimes moves free. How can i control thid behavior?
  3. Hello What is better for game performance, a voxel-model, where the whoole volume is filled with voxels or one, that is hollow and only made out of the visible voxels? actually i made a kite model, that is too flat and thin to have volume, that can be filled or hollow, but baybe i create more stuff later.
  4. I think, it´s too less time to edit a topic in this forum here. I would like to have a half hour or longer to edit something. Because sometimes after a while i find a way to write my stuff better or some more infos to add.
  5. Hello i found something weird in VosEdit: I used this palette for creating my voxel-models: But the animator shows me this coor fail: The previews on the right show the right colors of the parts, but the 3d view of the combined parts on thr rig shows toe kite orange instead of yellow. the double-colored bows on the top and bottom corners of the kite-sail should have an orange half, not red. the same for the seccond tail-bow (between red and green) it should be orange, not red. the seccond bug is in the block-mode: If i save it, the preview image shows th
  6. Hello The game maker software always says my username or password is wrong I tried to give me a new password multiple times. always the same result. I´m permanent logged in into the webpage of the sandbox game since i registered my account yesterday. To change my password i did the following steps: 1. Click on the avatar-icon with the word ME at the bottom of the navi-bar on the left 2. Click on the three dots near the bigger avatar-icon in the opened profil page 3. Click on "edit" in the little meno, that appeared 4. write new passrord in both password-

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