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  1. Sandi

    Brutus, the touchy Cyclops.

    ***The sentence continues*** Please, friend, rate it this time, you don't want to risk finding it in your room. xD
  2. Sandi

    Brutus, the touchy Cyclops.

    Brutus, after having participated in the contest of the giants and having painfully lost, taken by anger went to look for all the humans who had not voted for him. Now he returns to the Fantasy Contest with the head of one of those humans. Please, friend,
  3. Sandi


  4. Sandi

    Teleport to the Town

  5. Sandi

    Mr. Wiggle

    Unfortunately this creation has not been appreciated enough, in my opinion the best of all, it is the only animation that changes expression and that conveys emotion, Sisapi congratulations, there is much to learn from you !!
  6. Sandi

    Puss in Boots!!!

    I took him as the subject, I'm glad I made you remember a beautiful thing.
  7. Sandi

    Puss in Boots!!!

    Arrived from the world of Shrek!!!
  8. Sandi


    Just landed in the world of Sandbox
  9. Sandi

    Rover "Curiosity"

    Discovering the world of Sandbox
  10. Sandi

    Rover "Curiosity"

    Discovering the world of Sandbox

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