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sisapi last won the day on August 18 2020

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  1. sisapi

    Siren and The Sprear of Mer

    Oh, come on... It's just a silly animation. šŸ˜ I'm glad you like it....
  2. sisapi

    Siren and The Sprear of Mer

    Thank you, Alina! I'm glad you like it...šŸ˜‡
  3. sisapi

    Siren and The Sprear of Mer

    Thank you! This means a lot to me. šŸ˜
  4. sisapi

    Asep The Juggling Pirate

    Thank You!
  5. sisapi

    Asep The Juggling Pirate

    He lost his ship to mutiny. Now he juggle for revenge.
  6. sisapi

    Vodka Shrek Knight

    This particular Shrek Knight doesn't have land. Vote and help him to win land. He will dance for it..
  7. sisapi

    Mr. Wiggle

    I know, I'm disappointed as well. This voting system has damaged many artists that has put their best effort to make a great assets. But then again, this is not my first time to lose, so I'll keep creating more assets for people to enjoy. Thank you for your kind words, Sandi... šŸ˜‡
  8. sisapi

    Mr. Wiggle

    Thank you, everyone! I'm glad you like it.... šŸ˜…
  9. sisapi

    Mr. Wiggle

  10. sisapi

    Dark BattleMech

    Man, that's awesome. It looks ready for another round of Space Crusade. Get out the way puny human!
  11. sisapi

    Space Door

    I don't realize it's that thick and strong! Who made this, "Space Dwarf"?
  12. sisapi

    Space Zombie Jackson

    Prepare your blaster! Fill up your oxygen tank! In space, no one can hear you scream and HE is coming for you.

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