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Partnership announcement: The Sandbox ft. CryptoKaiju

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We are excited to announce our partnership with CryptoKaiju, the world’s first vinyl toys backed by blockchain!


Kaijus are the world’s first vinyl toys that are backed by ERC-721 tokens and therefore fully traceable on the blockchain. Thanks to a tamper resistant NFC enabled certificate of authenticity every Kaiju’s provenance is proven. Every Kaiju are based on well-known cryptocurrencies with a variety of designs, variants and exclusive editions.

Indeed, Kaijus are based on well-known cryptocurrencies with a range of different designs planned for release. Each batch contains variants, special editions, and one-offs and is limited with scarcity proven within the smart contract.

Each has a unique name, description and custom traits, some of which are rarer than others.

The cute crypto NFTs will be coming to The Sandbox to bring out the best experience for our communities. Through this partnership their latest physical figurine and NFT created, Dogejira will also unlock a special character in The Sandbox! This could be part of the game experience built on top of the CryptoKaiju ESTATE on our metaverse. We will also start seeing some exclusive digital wearables created specifically for avatars in The Sandbox.


Dogejira Collectible Vinyl Toy and its Voxel NFT based counterpart in The Sandbox


We can’t wait to see the creative ways we could continue to explore this partnership!

You can purchase Dogejira online at CryptoKaiju from 9AM EST. The doge asset will be available in the coming weeks.


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