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Partnership announcement: The Sandbox ft. CryptoKaiju

We are excited to announce our partnership with CryptoKaiju, the world’s first vinyl toys backed by blockchain! Kaijus are the world’s first vinyl toys that are backed by ERC-721 tokens and therefore fully traceable on the blockchain. Thanks to a tamper resistant NFC enabled certificate of authenticity every Kaiju’s provenance is proven. Every Kaiju are based on well-known cryptocurrencies with a variety of designs, variants and exclusive editions. Indeed, Kaijus are based on well




The Sandbox — A look back at 2019

The major developments of The Sandbox gaming platform over an amazing year. Since the July 2018 start of our most ambitious projects to date, The Sandbox, we have overcome many challenges in the process of moving to the blockchain ecosystem while developing key elements that will help us reach a decentralized blockchain gaming platform. Despite the challenges in 2019, we have accomplished major milestones for the project as we move even closer to our main goal of creating a commu



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